Our Attorneys

At The Weinstein Law Firm we often analogize the attorney-client relationship to that of a marriage, with trust, confidence and mutual respect being necessary attributes of a successful partnership. The reality is that not all lawyers are the right fit for all clients, and not all clients are the right fit for all lawyers. Selecting an appropriate attorney can be one of the most challenging decisions that a client faces in connection with a legal matter. Our attorneys have outstanding credentials, are seasoned and experienced litigators, and share a commitment to delivering exceptional legal representation in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Over the years we have also developed a broad network of experienced and skilled attorneys with whom we have worked collaboratively on matters. These outside attorneys all share our firm’s commitment to delivering exceptional and innovative legal representation. If and when the need arises in connection with a particular matter, we are able to tap our extensive resources and contacts to identify select individuals to join the legal team representing a client.


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