Firm Overview

Given the small size of our firm, the sophisticated nature of the cases we handle, and the in-depth attention that we devote to each matter, The Weinstein Law Firm accepts only a limited number of engagements at any one time. This enables our attorneys to provide highly personalized attention and representation to the firm’s clients.

Our firm views effective legal representation as a collaborative effort and we regularly seek and incorporate our clients' input in the decision-making process.  We do this not simply as a matter of client relations or courtesy, but rather because we believe that having a clear understanding of our clients’ priorities and objectives, and making legal and strategic decisions specifically designed to advance them, are essential components of a successful representation.

The Weinstein Law Firm prides itself on thorough preparation and in-depth factual investigation, and has working relationships with highly accomplished private investigators, forensic specialists and experts across a wide array of disciplines. In our experience, even in the most challenging cases, methodical preparation and a carefully orchestrated investigation of pertinent facts and witnesses can alter the dynamics of the matter and lead to very favorable outcomes for our clients.

Our firm also places a heavy emphasis on highly strategic thinking and decision-making. We recognize that the stakes for our clients, in both criminal and civil matters, are very high. As a result, the decisions we make and the legal positions we adopt are carefully thought out and analyzed prior to being implemented.

Our clients have included publicly traded and privately held companies, partnerships, investment funds, law firms, public officials, attorneys, accountants, physicians, corporate executives, individuals in the financial services industry, and well-known public figures.

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