Criminal Litigation/Government Enforcement

Prior representations of the firm's attorneys include:

  • One of the Forbes 400 Richest Americans in connection with a federal tax evasion prosecution.
  • An international auction house in connection with a federal grand jury investigation.
  • A business owner in parallel federal and state criminal prosecutions (and related civil forfeiture proceedings) involving an alleged $40 million illegal check cashing operation.
  • An Ivy League institution in connection with a federal grand jury investigation involving child pornography.
  • An industrial vehicle and tanker wash company in a state prosecution for environmental protection violations arising from the allegedly unlawful disposal of wastewater and hazardous waste.
  • A midshipman and star football player at the United States Naval Academy in connection with a military prosecution for sexual assault.
  • A large international law firm in connection with a state grand jury investigation involving a substantial transaction.
  • An attorney in connection with a state prosecution involving an alleged $100 million mortgage fraud scheme.
  • A major international department store‚Äôs employees in connection with an SEC investigation involving the purported use of merchandise markdowns and vendor allowances to overstate inventory and income.
  • A high-ranking union official in connection with a Department of Labor investigation and federal prosecution for embezzlement.
  • A prominent gallery owner in connection with allegations relating to the acquisition and sale of foreign looted antiquities.
  • A public official in connection with a state political corruption prosecution.
  • A senior executive of a broker-dealer in parallel SEC and NASD (now FINRA) investigations involving gifts and entertainment practices.
  • A pharmaceutical executive in connection with a state prosecution for homicide involving the death of her child by alleged intentional drug overdose.
  • A large construction industry union and its benefit funds in connection with the litigation of complex federal restitution-related claims.


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